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Hello sweet soul,


My name is Avery


and it is my intention to guide you to connect back to yourself
on all levels

to discover your true purpose, release energetic blockages, and understand your innate ability to heal yourself.

I am an intuitive guide who channels Reiki, facilitates emotional release with the Emotion Code, and guides regression hypnosis sessions with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

- spiritually, energetically,
physically, mentally, and emotionally -

Trainings and Certifications

Reiki Level 1, training with and certified by Reiki Master Michal Rinkevich 

Reiki Level II, training with and certified by Reiki Master Michal Rinkevich 

Emotion Code™ Practitioner, certified with Discover Healing

QHHT Level 2, certified with Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 

The "Why" Behind It All...

“Most of our journey

is looking for ways

to discover who we already are. 

It is no secret that slowness remembers

and hurry forgets; 

that softness remembers

and hardness forgets; 

that surrender remembers

and fear forgets.” 


Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening


Sweet, sensitive soul - I see you. 

I understand 

how uncomfortable 

and painful 

the pockets

of darkness in life 

can be. 

I too 

have found myself


in the waters of my fears.

I too

have felt my heart swell 

with overwhelming emotion. 

I too

have felt my spirit crumble, 


and harden. 

I have wondered 

what was wrong with me. 

If I was enough. 

If I was lacking 

or unworthy in some way. 

If my sensitivity was my weakness; 

somehow my greatest fault 

and not my greatest gift

I blamed my sensitivity

for “making” me


the way I felt. 

And this made me want to shut down this part of me 

and harden 

in an attempt to be “stronger”

As I continued to “power through” my life. 



what I have discovered 

is that 


beneath my fear, 

beneath my anger, 

and my sadness,

is the most beautiful part of me. 

The soft, sensitive, sweet core of my being. 

The part of me that was inviting me to listen.

To pay attention to my limitations

and to respect my boundaries. 

To respect myself

Hidden beneath it all 

was my desire 

to connect with myself. 

To look deeply within 

and discover who I am

To really know myself. 

And when I finally listened,

When I finally sat in stillness 

and made room 

for this feeling

to be heard within me,

- I finally came back home to myself. 

I started to learn how to build a relationship with myself.

I started to feel safe

feeling all that I was feeling within my own body.

I started to trust myself.

And then,

I found tools that helped me 

To release

To process

To heal

To learn, discover, and grow. 

I found other sensitive, caring, self-aware people. 

I found my community. 

And I keep adding to my community. 

Now that I know who I am 

and who I resonate with.

And yes,

I still have pockets of darkness and discomfort.

Life can still become messy and challenging.

But now,

I have the experience,

the tools,

the community,

and the LOVE for myself, 

To reconnect. 

To return home to my stillness. 

To return home to my softness. 

To return home to myself

It is my intention to guide you back home, 

to your heart, 

to yourself

Back to your seed of softness. 

I cannot do this for you. 

But I can do this with you. 

I can walk alongside you and support you with this work. 

But you will be the one coming back to yourself. 

And in doing so, you will be your own healer

You will release and shed that which is surrounding your core. 

You will heal the parts of you that have hardened. 

And you will reveal the sweet softness

that has been there all along. 

You will emerge from this protective cocoon 

as a brilliant butterfly in all your radiance and expansiveness. 

You will learn how to continue, 

how to thrive and not just survive

with the cycle of life. 

The ebb and the flow. 

There may still be points of darkness and disconnect, 

but now you will have the experience 

of coming back to yourself 

to remind you

of your strength. 

You will have the tools in your toolkit. 

You will have a stronger connection with your Self 

and your personal team of support and guidance. 

I see you.

I love you.

Thank you for showing up for yourself.

A little bit more about me...

Nature has become my most intentional learning environment in the past two years. You will easily find me hiking and meditating

in the forests of the Santa Cruz mountains

or running with my dog, Bailey, on the beach.

I am often retreating to nature,

where I feel most grounded, centered, and held.

This is where my curious and playful spirit most often comes to life. 

A big part of the work I do is aimed to integrate

this earthy, grounding feeling into every experience I have.

I also love creating art. My creative sprit expresses mostly through drawing, painting, photography,

singing, dancing, and writing. 


I hope you've enjoyed learning about me.

I am greatly looking forward to learning about you. 

Thank you for this gift.

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