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The Emotion Code™

The Emotion Code™ is a process that combines muscle testing and energy medicine

to release trapped emotions from the physical and energetic body.

Navigating this world with a sensitive heart and body can feel especially challenging

when we continue to feel the effects of the emotions we, or others who are close to us,

have experienced in the past.

We may notice this in how we express our emotions, how we connect with others, how we feel and react in response to fears, changes, and challenges, and even in how we experience discomfort or illness in the physical body. 

This is why it can be so valuable to 

first become aware of the emotions that are trapped within us

and then release them

in a safe, and effective way. 

The Emotion Code™ was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson (D.C., ret) and is founded upon

the understanding that emotions are energies that are meant to be in motion.

When we experience a traumatic or triggering event, the body is often under a great deal of stress

and it can be very difficult, and can even feel unsafe, to process the emotions that arise from these events.

An emotion that has not been processed and released

has not been fully moved through the body, and can then become trapped in the body.

This trapped emotion can hold space in our energy fields and may contribute to physical discomfort in the surrounding area. Additionally, when other events in our lives trigger the same emotion that is already trapped, the emotional response we feel may be amplified because we are reacting from our past experience(s) of that emotion. 


We can also inherit trapped emotions through our ancestral DNA.

Or we may absorb a trapped emotion from someone else

when we are in close contact with them while they are experiencing an emotional event.

And, as our souls reincarnate, we often carry over the trapped emotions we experienced in past lifetimes

into the current life if they have not yet been resolved.


Using the Emotion Code™, we encourage your Subconscious to relay information about the emotions trapped in your body through the strengthening and weakening of muscles in your body.

Your Subconscious is the part of you that stores all the information about you and your experiences.

And your Subconscious can direct the body's muscles to strengthen in response to a true or positive answer and weaken in response to a false or negative answer.

This is similar to how a plant grows in the direction of sunlight and away from darkness. 

I then test your muscle response to the questions about the trapped emotion and we bring your conscious awareness to what is asking to be addressed and released.

To read more about the full process, please continue scrolling to the section titled "What a Typical In-Person Emotion Code™ Session Looks Like With Me."

Releasing trapped emotions can help you respond more appropriately to situations

since the emotions from your past experiences are likely to have less influence

on your reactions to future events. 


As new emotions come up, they can be processed more easily and felt at more manageable intensities.


This can improve the quality of your relationship to yourself and to others,

and ultimately your life.

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