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Reiki and Emotion Code

As a Reiki practitioner myself, I greatly value other practitioners who are highly intuitive and can make clients feel safe. Avery gently creates a space of trust and comfort and compassion in both healing practices of Reiki and the Emotion Code.

Many things have come up for me through Reiki, as well as the Emotion Code, which felt unexpected and led to emotional reactions. The way Avery was able to be present with me and provide gentle, wise support to usher me through those moments was a huge part of my own healing Journey. I am always amazed by the wisdom the body holds, and all that is revealed through the Emotion Code. Avery is excellent in being able to navigate questions and respond to all that arises through the Emotion Code steps. 

Through my sessions with Avery, I have unfolded a great sense of peace and calmness within my body and mind and spirit.  I always feel safe and emotionally held, which is hugely important to me, as I have significant trauma in my past. Avery is an innately gifted practitioner who is full of nurturing compassion and wise softness, and she is experienced in ushering people into a deep sense of healing and hope. 

- Elizabeth


My first session ever of QHHT was with Avery. I was grateful that she and I spoke before the session so I knew what to expect and how to specifically prepare. I really appreciated her meaningful check-in text with me the morning of the session, as well as after the session to make sure that I felt supported before and after the deep experience.

Since it was my first session, it was important for me to work with a practitioner, who felt safe, and who could also support me in a trauma-informed way.

The session itself was seamless, and I felt so supported and held by Avery every step of the way. Going into my subconscious space is very vulnerable, and I felt I could trust her, and she would be able to hold space for all that arose during my session. I also really appreciated her providing a recording of the session afterwards, so I could revisit later to reflect. Through the entire process, Avery made me feel I was upheld in a sacred way, with respect and professionalism. The session has brought so much insight to myself, and it gave me a sense of hope and clarity that I didn’t even realize I was searching for. I highly recommend Avery as a practitioner; her kind, gentle, intuitive, and beautiful spirit is the perfect guide for healing journeys through QHHT. 

- Elizabeth


I had the pleasure of seeing Avery for a regression hypnotherapy session.
She is such a lovely, sweet, and peaceful being. She really helps to make the space feel free and open so you can speak genuinely about you and your experiences.

Let yourself go and feel it truly because Avery is safe and she is a sweet conduit to the realm of your inner most thoughts (for lack of a better word),

just enjoy it and open yourself up to the experience of connecting with your inner, one, true self. Allow yourself to receive all that you need in this session. I love you and may you receive all of your blessings for the highest good and for the highest good of all.  

- Paulina

Emotion Code

When Avery helped me with her Emotion Code work, I went in completely open and unexpecting of anything. I had a very pleasant experience with Avery, going through how the technique worked and trying it to see if it could help me. With a few words and some quick magnet runs down my spine, I could immediately feel a nice energy and soon a release. I could feel my old back injuries loosening up, and they continued to release for days after the treatment. It felt like some huge burdens had been lifted. Avery’s work had a huge impact, and I would definitely recommend her care to anyone who is interested in exploring health alternatives. The Emotion Code is non-invasive and effective, and Avery is a great choice to kindly guide you through it.

- Melissa


MY QHHT session with Avery was a very positive experience. She has a real knack for listening and bringing you into a comfortable space where you feel open and trusting. After starting with some deep conversation about myself and my past, we began the QHHT session in a cozy room where Avery spoke softly to my subconscious. She guided us on a journey through myself that felt exploratory as well as healing. There were smooth, warm parts and difficult parts, but all elements of the journey felt safe and important to explore. After the session concluded, Avery stressed the importance of reflecting on the experience to better understand what my subconscious wanted me to see and what actions I may need to take moving forward. I felt great care and connection from Avery when she followed up later to help me with my reflection stage. She cares deeply about her work and about bringing the greatest benefit to her clients. I highly recommend Avery’s skills in this realm of understanding yourself and what your subconscious can teach you.

- Melissa


Avery is wise way beyond her years!  She is very professional, extremely thorough, patient, and compassionate.  Her soothing voice is relaxing and beneficial to the process.  I lost track of all time and space in the healing process.  I am looking forward to my next session with her!  

- Dianne


Carol's testimonial was sent to me through a voice recording.

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