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Frequently Asked Questions


Which lineage of Reiki do you practice?

I practice the Usui method of Reiki, which was developed in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui at the end of the 19th century. Today, this method is widely studied and practiced all across the world. To read more about the Usui method, you may visit this site:

Are there any adverse effects to receiving Reiki?

No, Reiki healing therapy is non-invasive and does not involve any risks to your physical, mental/psychological, emotional, or energetic body. 


You may feel a slight change in temperature or a tingling sensation where the Reiki is being applied to, and it is helpful to communicate any sensations you notice with Avery. You may also experience some emotional release and Avery is prepared to help you feel safe and supported as best she can. 


It is important to keep in mind that Avery is not a licensed doctor, counselor/therapist, or other medical professional and she does not claim or imply that any of her services, suggestions, or advice will cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate any disease or condition. 


Reiki does not cure disease and is not intended to be the primary treatment for any health problem, but rather it is a complementary therapy meant to support other treatment that is ongoing.

Reiki is not recommended for broken bones, acute pain, or any condition requiring immediate medical attention.

Emotion Code™

Why Do Emotions Get Trapped?

  • The feeling is overwhelming

  • We don't have time to process it

  • We are physically ill, getting poor sleep, or the body is being disrespected in some way 

  • We are resisting against our feelings, in denial of the emotion, or refusing to look for the lesson

Where Do Emotions Get Trapped?

Any emotion can lodge anywhere 

  • They will often lodge in an imbalanced area - this could be an overloaded organ or an injured body part

  • They can be symbolic 

    • Ex: “heartbreak” is likely to be trapped in the heart

When Can You Use The Emotion Code™?
  • When you want to address a specific concern

    • Such as, you are feeling blocked, you are experiencing discomfort in some way, or you are wanting to break an unhealthy habit

  • When you have a goal you want to achieve

    •  Ex: improve motivation, creativity, connection, etc.

  • When you have a general curiosity or want to raise your vibration and improve your general well-being

When Is It Best to Not Use The Emotion Code™?
  • When you have a serious injury

  • Serious illness (it takes energy to process serious injuries and illnesses so it’s best to give the body a break to rest)

  • Anytime a doctor’s care is required (I will not interfere with a doctor’s advice)

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