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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠

QHHT® is a safe and effective method of regression hypnosis that focuses on obtaining information from the Subconscious mind (also referred to as the Higher Self).

Do you wish to really know yourself

by reconnecting with your Higher Self,

the part of you that loves you unconditionally,

that guides you through life to fulfill your truest purpose,

that has the answers to your questions and curiosities,

and that has your very best interest in mind? 


In a QHHT® session, your Subconscious is invited forwards to engage in a powerful conversation

that will guide you to uncover your story, your truth, your lessons, and ultimately your Self.

QHHT® was developed by Dolores Cannon, who started her work as a traditional hypnotist and later developed her own form of regression hypnosis. She conducted thousands of these regression sessions throughout her lifetime, and she is widely known for the 19 books she published. Her books cover a range of metaphysical topics, and most of the information in them was obtained through her QHHT sessions.

Before we begin the regression,

your unique story has the opportunity to come to light

as I get to know you and the experiences that have brought you here to this moment.

I will then guide you with Dolores Cannon's hypnosis techniques to encourage you to relax and trust

as you ease into the regression and become the conduit, or channel, that will relay the information shared with you by your Subconscious.

Your Subconscious may direct you to uncover information from past lifetimes

or from significant past experiences in your current life. Connections can be formed to shed light on situations in your current life and help you better understand the origin of certain problems

or answer your personal questions. 

Connecting with your Subconscious in this way can be incredibly rewarding,

and it is possible to experience life-changing breakthroughs.

There is often a great felt sense of love, compassion, clarity, and reassurance

when receiving guidance from your Subconscious. 

I have felt this in each of my own experiences with QHHT®,

and I have received this feedback from my wonderful clients.

To read their stories, please visit my testimonials page: 


For additional information on the practice and principles of the QHHT® technique, please visit the official website for QHHT®. Here is the link:



It is important to keep in mind that my sessions do not involve the provision of psychotherapy, psychological assessment, or the diagnosis of mental illness or medical conditions. I do not claim to be a medical practitioner or healer of any kind, I am simply a guide for you as you go through your own experience led by your Subconscious. Any suggestions you receive in this session, from me or from your Subconscious, is not to be taken as "advice," and you have full responsibility and discernment over the actions you take in your life. 

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This is to answer your questions and see if QHHT is the best fit for you and if I am the best fitting practitioner for you.

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